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Employment History
We will make every effort to contact previous employers. The correct telephone numbers of past employers are important. Include any prior military service assignments.
Begin with your most recent employer.
List two people who have supervised you or are familiar with your work record. DO NOT include relatives.
* Indicates a required field.
Representation and Disclosures
I hereby certify that the answers given and statements made on this application are true and correct. I understand that misrepresentation of facts or omitted or false statements on this application may result in immediate disqualification of this application or immediate dismissal after employment begins.
I hereby authorize all previous employers and references to furnish any information concerning any personal character or employment records to KEMER FOODS INTERNATIONAL, LLC. I release persons making such inquiries from liability or damages incurred as a result of inquiry and furnishing this information.
I agree that submission of this application or KEMPER FOODS INTERNATIONAL, LLC and its acceptance does not indicate that there are open positions specifically for me or in any way obligate KEMPER FOODS INTERNATIONAL, LLC.
I understand and agree that, if employed, my employment will be for no fixed term and will be terminated at will by myself or KEMPER FOOD INTERNATIONAL, LLC at any time with or without cause and without previous notice, subject to the protections afforded under various employment laws against illegal discrimination and under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.
This application does not constitute a contractual arrangement or imply any obligation for employment.
If employed, I agree to comply with all the rules and regulations currently in effect at KEMPER FOODS INTERNATIONAL, LLC and those that may be enacted in the future.